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Booking Terms & Conditions

Please note that in case of delays for which you haven’t informed us, your driver will wait for you for a maximum of 30 minutes. If you don’t show up within these 30 minutes, this will be considered as a no show & no refund will be issued.

More baggage than those included in the reservation, involve an additional cost of € 6.00 per bag, to be paid directly to the taxi driver. The maximum number of bags allowed is 12, for a greater number of bags you will need to book another taxi. Each bag must not exceed 32 kg and measures 90 cm x 75 cm x 65 cm.

Venice is a unique city and understand and accept that in the event of exceptional weather conditions and phenomena such as high tide, fog or strong winds the route could be changed as well as the disembarkation point in order to guarantee your widest comfort in reach your destination without compromising a peaceful and safe transport service.

Feel free to contact us for any further information

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