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From Venice Train Station (Santa Lucia) to your Hotel

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If the dates are written in red, it means we are already fully booked.
For reservations within less than 16 hours, it is mandatory to call us at the +39 342106 8412
If you are more than 8, it's mandatory to book another boat.
We apply a 8€ extra for each passenger after the first 5 ones.
Max 12 bags. Each must not exceed 32 kg & 90 x 75 x 65 cm of measure.
We apply a 6€ extra for each bag after the first 4 ones.
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Book a water taxi from the Venice Train Station (Venezia Santa Lucia) direct to your hotel

Nothing beats arriving in Venice and taking a water taxi to your hotel, especially if your arrival is at Venezia Santa Lucia, Venice’s waterfront station. Our taxi can be waiting to greet you at the dock, just outside the main exit, a little over to theright, ready to spirit you away to your hotel.

Venice’s waterways means that we can transfer you to any hotel or destinationin the city with a public dock nearby; our tariff page has a comprehensive price guide, and lists pick up and destination points. If you know of anywhere not listed that you’d like to visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to provide you with a no obligation quote.

A Venice Water Taxi from the train station is a great way to start your holiday in Venice with a bang, and our boats all have champagne available on request to help make this a reality, perfect for anyone celebrating a special occasion! A Venezia Santa Lucia Water Taxi is a wonderful way to enjoy some of our citysights en route to your destination, all you need to do is sit back and relax!

Venice Station transfers are incredibly easy to arrange, just use our contact page to send us your booking request, we’ll confirm everything with you, and your taxi will be waiting for you when you arrive. Our staff are always happy to answerany questions you may have, and our drivers are all English speaking for your convenience. Our boats seat up to sixteen people, with a choice of standard or luxury interiors, that’ll have you relaxing in to our leather seats in no time! And with a 10% discount on return journeys, it’s worth traveling to and from the train station in Venetian style!

Frequently Asked Questions

As you will see in our booking form there are 2 ways to reach your destination from  Venice Marco Polo airport.

  • One is a combination of CAR AND WATER TAXI; this solution is more comfortable and allows a saving on the route. In fact you will be picked up directly at the arrivals exit at the airport and within a short drive you will arrive at Piazzale Roma where your water taxi will be waiting for you to drive you at your hotel or any other destination.
  • personalize your water taxi transferThe other one is by WATER TAXI ONLY; this solution has a 15€ mark up. In this case you will to reach the taxi n °11 with a 10 minutes stroll by foot from the airport. Your water taxi and its driver will be waiting for you there. The journey to the city center takes about twentyfive minutes and wind or swell conditions can affect its comfort. Reaching the center of Venice from the lagoon is not guaranteed for all central areas. The route that will be taken during the ride will depend upon your destinations and wether any canal is blocked on the way. In case some canals are blocked you will be dropped in the nearest possible location.

In case of adverse weather conditions, to ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers, the transfer from the Airport to city center will be mandatorily arranged with a combination of car transfer and then water taxi transfer from Piazzale Roma to your destination. 

If you arrive to Venice either at Marco Polo Airport or at the Train Station “Santa Lucia”, make sure to provide us with your plan or train number. By having these information we’ll check ourselves for any plan or train delays, we’ll arrange your pick up accordingly with your taxi driver/s and no extra charge or cancellation will be charged.

In case of incorrect information provided or in case your plane or train isn’t delayed, your driver will be waiting you on spot for a maximum of 30 minutes. If you miss to show up within this waiting time the rider will leave and your reservation will considered a “No show” with no possibility of refund.

Each boat can accommodate up to a maximum of 8 passengers. We apply a 6€ extra for each passenger after the first 4 ones. The Maximun number of luggage item is 12. Each item must not exceed 32 kg & 90 x 75 x 65 cm. We apply a 6€ extra for each bag after the first 4 ones which are included in the price.

The fare extra for night transfers is 10 euros. This fee is required for taxi transfers between 22:00 (10 PM) and 8:00 (8 AM)

A surcharge will apply for navigation in the internal Venice canals. The reason for the extra-charge is navigation difficutly the extra time accumulated due to the intense traffic of gondolas and one-way canals. These elements extend the journey time in a non-negligible way. For this reason, to reach your hotel in Internal Canal can requires a surcharge of 10 euros. If you are not sure if your hotel is in an internal channel simply select the “Not sure” checkbox.

Please note that the 10€ surcharge may be asked on board in case your Hotel is indeed in situated in an internal canal & you selected either “not sure” or “no”.

We offer our customers a 5% discount on their return journey. If you have booked one way with us, you will receive a link to book your return trip with a -5% Discount in the confirmation email. Feel free to save this link to book any other transfer in the city with us again.

Our water taxis take the shortest route to reach your destination. But if you want make your transfer extra special just select the “Canal Grande” option during your booking.

Water Taxi through the Grand Canal OptionYou will have the chance to admire one the most fascinating waterways in the world, the “Canal Grande”. The cost for this preference is an extra 40 euros.

Venice is a unique city so please understand and accept that in the event of exceptional weather conditions such as high tide, fog or strong winds the route as  well as the drop off spot  could be changed in order to guarantee your safety and comfort to reach your destination.

Please note that in case of adverse weather conditions, to ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers, the transfer from the Airport to city center will be mandatorily arranged with a combination of car transfer and then water taxi transfer from Piazzale Roma to your destination.

We can provide you a Hostess at M. Polo airport or S. Lucia Railway Station, that will escort you direclty on board and if you need it on your hotel reception.

Meet & Greet: an hostess will be waiting for you at arrival area with your name on a sign, and take you straight to your taxi location. Cost in 40 euros.

Full transfer Assistence: an hostess will be waiting for you at arrival area with your name on a sign, will take the taxi with you and acommpany you up until your final destination. Cost in 60 euros.

Cancellation Policy

100% refund within 48 hours

50% within 48 and 24 hours

No refund within 24 hours

Do not worry if your train or airplane is late, just make sure to insert the train/plane details in the form, we’ll check ourselves for any delays and your driver we’ll be waiting for you accordingly.

Your reservation can be cancelled by sending an email to or calling at +39 342106 8412

Your Water Taxi

Any Question?

Do not hesitate to contact us.

+39 342 106 8412


Travel in comfort by booking one of our beautiful water taxis for your transfer during your stay in Venice. With the city spread across 118 small islands separated by canals, a water taxi is the perfect way to get around, and will provide you with stunning views on your journey. Steer clear of the roads, sit back and relax, let our English speaking driver’s ferry you to your destination with a touch of Venetian luxury.

Our water taxis seat up to 8 people, and have plenty of room for your luggage. Champagne is available upon request, to help you get in the holiday mood, perfect for anniversaries or honeymoons. We have a choice of boats available, standard or luxury, both with fine wooden decorated interiors and leather seats. Our boats are heated in the winter and cooled during the summer via an opening in the aft roof; your comfort is our primary concern.

Book your Venice Water Taxi from the airport for a quick and easy transfer to your hotel, reserve your transfer to and from the airport and get 5% off for return bookings. To find our taxis, just turn left out of the Arrivals hall at Marco Poloairport and follow the pedestrian tunnel to the dock where your taxi will be waiting for you.

Our water taxis are available throughout the city; reserve your Venice Water Taxi from the train station, we are right outside the main exit on the right hand side. We can pick up from several locations throughout the city including Piazza San Marco, the Golf Club and harbour, as well as many hotels. Book your journey online and get a 5% discount for return journeys.

We are more than happy to provide you with a private water taxi in Venice at any dock you choose, and can also offer private tours of the city’s waterways. Our tariffs and destinations are all available here, with further information on private tours here.

We look forward to welcoming you on-board and hope that you enjoy your stay in Venice. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to use our contact page, we’re always happy to help.

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